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  • 3L Anti yellowing primer
3L Anti yellowing primer

3L Anti yellowing primer

  • Product description: 3L Anti yellowing primer Health and environmental protection without pollution, smell fresh, feel smooth

Berocks 3L Anti yellowing primer

Water based interior primer is a high quality and environmentally friendly primer that provides all-round solid protection to treated wood products, it is made of top quality raw material which can safeguard and prevent wood products from mildew and flare. It uses water as a natural diluent and is completely free of formaldehyde, benzene, TDI and carcinogenic substances to ensure and economically friendly product quality, in particular, it provides six major strengthening functions which include: high hardness, strong adhesion, great filling, weather resistance, anti-yellowing and provides great hiding power.
1.100% water based, Non-toxic odorless.
2.Powerful adhesion, great sealing, can completely seal the small pores of the substrate.
3.Good moisture resistance, prevent the coated object from deformation or cracking due to moisture effectively

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